2 comments on “MISADVENTURES OF A MAGICIAN’S SON – Laurie Smollett Kutscera

  1. This book held my interest better than most books! The author’s style keeps the story light and the plot moves along with little chance for wandering thoughts. Alex, the main character, is an adorable preteen in an awkward situation with losing a parent, moving to a strange town, and trying to fit in with his peers.
    I found this character easily relatable to many of my middle school students. This will be a great read for them. If it ever becomes available in a digital copy, I would love to have a copy. This could be the beginning for them to fall in love with reading!


  2. That’s fantastic! Anything that gets people to start (and love) reading is something I’m definitely in favor of! You clearly have more direct contact with younger readers and I’m glad to hear that this is something you think they will enjoy! Have you contacted Blue Whale press to ask about a digital format? My ARC came digitally so I would hope they could help you. Their contact info is: info@bluewhalepress.com


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